Ji4Ye unveils new brand identity, logo in brand refresh

Ji4Ye unveils new brand identity, logo in brand refresh

As part of the preparations to mark her sixth anniversary, Ji4Ye is changing its logo and brand identity-an update that Ji4Ye describes as “brand refresh.”

Instead of the green circular image, the revised is in youth friendly-lettered colours and black animated image of young people. Again, it contains a tagline, “changing young people’s stories.”

The formal launch of the new identity will be at later date in an elaborate ceremony. Meanwhile, all social media profile picture of Ji4Ye will be replaced with the new identity. This will be the first time that Ji4Ye will be revising her identity in six years of her existence.

Explaining why the update was done, Ji4Ye’s founder, Obinna Chukwuezie stated “that new logo better communicates who we are and what we do in more creative and modern ways.” The new design was a product of several months of research about colours and styles in youth development communication globally. The update is “not a change of who we are, it is rather a prioritization and modernisation,” Chukwuezie said.

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